The Fall Of

By Avi Nguyen

What matters is

That we already knew this was over.

I don’t really see a point in continuing

This conversation.

How often do you perform CPR

On road-kill that became hieroglyphics in the cement?

Or tried to have a redo

On a breathalyzer hoping it’d pick up last night tacos instead?

Or said I love you

When we should’ve already known?

See what you always forget

That I always remember

Is that Daedalus’s son’s first name

Was not Icarus

But The Fall Of

He was never called The Drowning of Icarus,

The Hemorrhage of Icarus,

Or The Subsequent Splattering of Icarus

Because they all knew that he died

Before the ocean had come to swallow him.

And just like we knew

We were over

Before this moment would come to us.

Avi Nguyen lives in Boston and attends Boston University. He is currently studying Political Science and Economics.